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Stop Counting Calories

As part of my book, we explore understanding your body. One of the keys to understanding your body is being able to calculate your metabolism (BMR) and measure your body mass (BMI).

Stop Counting Calories

Both measurements speak about the number of calories you can or should consume to maintain or lose weight. It is important to understand that these numbers are meant to be a guide. If you have been counting calories, but are feeling stuck, STOP. Losing weight is not a matter of simple math!

The math of counting calories is too simple, it doesn’t consider factors such as your age or how your body metabolizes those calories.

Calorie Factors

You need to recognize that not all calories are created equal. It depends on how your body processes them.

  1. Gut microbiome - recent research has shown that different body types have different microorganisms in their gut. These organisms are able to use and breakdown calories differently.

  2. Metabolism – every person’s body works differently, even if you are the same height and body shape as your best friend your metabolism will function another way. Know that each body has a set point based on genes, environment, and your behavior.

  3. Types of food – food choices matter when it comes to calories. Although processed foods may have similar calories to whole foods, studies have shown that people eating a diet high in processed foods tend to gain weight.

Manage Your Ideal Weight

So, if counting calories isn’t going to get you to your ideal weight then how?

The first step is to really look at your diet. Make sure that you are eating whole clean foods. The more you can remove processed foods from your diet the better off you will be. Buy organic when you can, learn more about the dirty dozen and clean 15 in our article.

Exercise or some sort of movement each day is necessary. Our bodies aren’t designed to sit still all the time so make sure you plan some sort of movement whether that is going to a gym, take a dance class, or simply go for a 30-minute walk.

Manage your stress levels. This sometimes is easier said than done. When the body is experiencing elevated levels of stress it will affect our sleep, digestion, bowel movements and the ability to properly detoxify.

Ensure that you are getting enough sleep, your body needs time to rest and recharge. When we lose sleep, especially the “good kind,” our bodies are more prone to having a range of issues including increased inflammation and increased ghrelin – the hunger hormone.

Find something that brings you joy. Many years ago, I discovered the healing power of singing. Using this branch of my vagus nerve has helped me cherish many memories and remain grateful for what I have. Taking a break from my daily routine to sing brings me joy.

If you are struggling to lose weight consult with your doctor. There may be underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Living your ideal life should not add stress to your life. If you are counting calories and feeling frustrated it is time to try a new strategy.


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