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 Buy clean, vegan, gluten-free and NON-GMO supplements 

 with 10% off at Ideal Weights store at FullScript 


1. What is FullScript?

FullScript is a full service supplement company. They have partnered with many vendors to bring thousands of supplement options under one roof. There are a number of vegan, Non-GMO, gluten-free supplements to serve a wide variety of clients. The store front allows practitioners like me to offer you quality supplements that can support your health. The Ideal Weights portal allows me to provide recommendations for individual client.

Shopping through the Ideal Weights store you can set up auto-ship on supplements that you use regularly and receive a discount.

2. What is the Recommendation section? 

This section will allow me to provide custom recommendations to a client that receive a consultation from me. You will not have anything here unless we are working together one on one. 

3. What is the Protocol section? 

This section will contain recommendations for various concerns. I believe if you eat right, you shouldn’t need many supplements. In today’s time though some people are experiencing issues with Vitamin D. So, this may be a recommended protocol for some. 

4. Where is my discount? 

The discount will be applied when you are checking out. 

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