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Dr. Azim

Dr. Mahnaz Azim-Zadeh, DC, was born and raised as one of the seven children in western Iran. By watching her mother cure their ailments —using plants and foods that could be grown in a garden—the seeds of her alternative health care career were planted.

Dr. Azim believes nutrition affects all of our body systems, with particular awareness around one’s spine and carrying extra weight.


Dr. Azim had her second “calling” when she reached menopause. Wanting to appear to be at her ideal weight, Dr. Azim tried everything, even getting a tummy tuck... but she knew she had to change how she was eating to avoid financial hardship and self-harm.

The search for sustainable answers continued, until one miraculous day she learned about the benefits of a plant-based diet!


This was the beginning of her new journey, and Dr. Azim began reading rigorously, taking courses, and achieving certificates in fitness nutrition and personal training, becoming a corrective exercise specialist (NASM) and also certified as a health and nutrition coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition).

Within the first month of eating a plant-based diet, drinking ample water, and engaging in simple daily exercises, Dr. Azim lost 15 pounds . . . then 26 pounds . . . then she reached her ideal weight! As she ages, she realizes that her journey has shifted not only her physique, but her mental, emotional, and spiritual state as well.

Dr. Azim is thrilled to bring her knowledge—and personal experience—to her clients. This transformation has inspired her dreams to become a reality: to help people who have struggled with their weight, as well as those who are tired of limited, crazy fad diets and expensive procedures.

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