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Mindset for a Healthy Life

As part of the Ideal Weights program, I often talk about improving your lifestyle. Having a positive mindset about your body and life is a key component to reaching your ideal weight.

Mindset for a Healthy Life

Getting to a point where you are living an ideal life and maintaining it is not complicated. There are a few steps that you must remember. Eating a clean whole foods diet, getting enough sleep, and avoiding toxins are important aspects. Your mindset is a big key to achieving long term success.

You need to prioritize yourself. One practice is to use affirmations while you are preparing meals. Throughout Ideal Weights there are suggestions to use while preparing meals.

Making statements to yourself such as:

I am healthy!

My immune system functions with ease and for my utmost health.

My immune system easily wards off dis-ease

Can change your mindset and affirm that you are healthy, and your body will support you. I also provide a list of immunity boosting foods such as blueberries, celery, and ginger to name a few (pg. 44).

Ideal Weights book

In today’s busy fast paced world incorporating self-care consistently can be a challenge. If you have tried to make changes and find yourself falling into bad habits it might be time to consider booking a coaching session. I provide one on one sessions (book here), but you need to find a coach that can help you design a schedule for personal success.

One of the most challenging things in society today is the idea of dieting. When you have a dieting mindset you will fail. As we explored in the article Risks of Yo-Yo dieting, when your weight fluctuates you are at higher risk of heart disease and other major health issues. Do not fall for the fad diets that are out there they are destructive to your mindset and overall health.

In the book Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay she shares that our mindset can have a big impact on our overall health. When you review the probable cause for being overweight, she shares that it could be running away from feelings, insecurity, or self-rejection. When we don’t take time for self-care, we can fall into any of these feelings very quickly.

Mindset for a Healthy Life

One of the affirmations that she recommends is I love and approve of myself. Look in the mirror and say that to yourself. If it makes you feel uncomfortable then sit with it, review why you are having issues. It could be an important step forward in achieving your ideal life.

Another important part of your mindset is to make changes slowly. As you start recognizing patterns that aren’t healthy make a note. Are you eating out too often and choosing unhealthy foods? Cut back your meals out by one night each week. Or start looking at the menu items more carefully and choose something that is healthier. Same thing when you are grocery shopping. If you are choosing a lot of packaged foods, replace one packaged food with one fresh item each week.

Finally, your weight on the scale should not be the ultimate goal, focus on how you feel and the positive steps you take to care for yourself each day. Realize that your ideal weight is one that you can maintain and live a healthy lifestyle.


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