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Weight Loss Hacks for Long Term Success

One of the important aspects of the ideal weights approach is that you must change your lifestyle. Your current lifestyle and habits are what have you struggling with weight issues and the only way to have long term success is to make changes.

Weight Loss Hacks for Long Term Success

There are many hacks that can help you make changes to your current habits and will lead to long term weight loss that you will be able to maintain.

Dining location

Start by creating a designated place to eat. Over the last year and a half our patterns have changed a lot. Some people are now using a dining room table as a desk. It is important to have a designated place to eat where you aren’t dealing with other distractions. Make sure that your mealtime is spent only paying attention to your meal.

Weight Loss Hacks for Long Term Success

When you are designating a place to eat consider making it near a window. There is a belief that when you have a relaxing view you tend to choose healthier foods.


De-clutter your countertops. Having clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and more likely to grab something to eat that won’t add to the clutter. If you are keeping snack foods around for your children’s lunch, consider organizing those so you don’t just eat those whenever or consider putting them in hard-to-reach places.

Keep a food journal, this is an important hack that can help you be more mindful about what you are consuming daily.

Ideal Weights - Attaining Your Ideal While Achieving Lasting Success – Even Post Menopause by Dr. Mahnaz Azim-Zadeh, DC.

To help keep your household running smoothly pack all lunches right after dinner. Since you are full you will tend to pack a healthier meal and it will help your next day start off more smoothly.


When you are shopping always create a list and eat before you go. When you eat first you will be less likely to grab splurge items. The list will ensure you purchase only the things you really need which will benefit your eating and your pocketbook by not over purchasing. Did you know Americans waste approximately 40 percent of the food we purchase?

Another great hack is picking a single indulgence item that you buy. For myself it is a plant-based ice cream. By having just one indulgence item available you will be less likely to overeat a variety of less healthy foods.

Weight Loss Hacks for Long Term Success

Daily habits

I can’t stress enough to drink plenty of water! We have explored this many times and I even offer a 5-Day Free Challenge to help you create a good water drinking habit. We need water for optimal health.

5-Day FREE Water Challenge

It may sound strange but wear clothes with a normal waistband. As styles change and more people are wearing things like yoga pants, we are losing track of what our shape is. To ensure you maintain your ideal weight it is important that all your clothes fit comfortably. If you are constantly wearing clothes without a waistband or with a stretchy waistband you may not realize other habits are slipping too.

Remember to give yourself credit for positive choices each day. We all have difficulties but ensuring that you take a moment each day to recognize you have done things well will help you continue to make positive steps. Creating a lifestyle you enjoy will help you achieve your ideal life and weight.


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