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Why Singing is Healing!

Our voices are something that keep us uniquely different from each other. The voice helps us to access all parts of our neurobiology and subconscious mind.

Why Singing is Healing!

I discovered many years ago the healing power of singing. Using this branch of my vagus nerve has helped me cherish many memories and remain grateful for what I have.

In 2020 I recorded the below song. In memory of my two brothers and my dad whom I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to after I left home. Mr. SalarAghili’s beautiful voice has no match.

As Dr. Dr. Glenn Doyle Clinical psychologist puts it “the vagus nerve is deeply plugged into our heart, our gut, and our voice”. Singing is just a hobby of mine and it relaxes me, it’s a parasympathetic experience and consequently it has a healing effect for me. Thank you Mr. Farhad Darya with the message of peace and unity.

There have been studies showing that the simple act of singing or chanting stimulates the vagus nerve. The nerve helps with gastrointestinal secretions and digestion, it can also support the relaxation response. When we sing or chant it creates a sense of soothing this nerve and has a profound positive effect on the body to naturally heal on every level.

There has been growing research that shows singing increases immunity levels and lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

I recommend you find a hobby you love and live without fear of judgment. Making sure you have joy in your life is a way of ensuring that you live your ideal life.

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