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10 Facts About Dr. Mahnaz Azim DC

I was born and raised one of seven children to a strong busy mom in western Iran. I began my journey towards living a healthy lifestyle watching my mom work to keep us healthy or make us feel better quickly.

10 Facts About Dr. Mahnaz Azim DC

My mom had her hands full raising all seven of us. Whenever we got sick, she was quick to make us feel better. After a visit to the medical doctor to find out what ailed us, she would then take us to the town’s herbalist. It was always a natural solution whenever possible. After moving to the United States in 1978 I continued following my mother’s teachings. My studies have always been centered around natural/alternative healthcare solutions.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Biology and then was drawn to the intricacies of the body and anatomy. The spine and nervous system are key elements to our overall health, which is what drew me to become a chiropractor. Of course, my learning never stops, and I continue to this day taking courses to learn about the body.

10 Facts

  1. I am the 2nd girl and 5th child of the 7 siblings.

  2. My favorite color is royal blue

  3. My favorite snack food is walnuts

  4. My cheat food is plant- based ice cream

  5. My favorite exercise is walking

  6. I have 2 degrees and 8 different healthcare certifications

  7. I think menopause is the best time of a woman’s life

  8. Besides going on daily walks my favorite hobby is singing

  9. My next bucket list item to tackle since I went sky diving is to further my education in functional medicine to better support myself and my clients.

  10. My favorite quote is “Be present and cherish the now”

Book Ideal Weights by Dr. Mahnaz Azim, DC

After years of applying my education and knowledge with many clients I decided to write my book and expand my coaching opportunities to help people reach their ideal weight. After working with so many people and seeing that a single solution doesn’t work for losing or maintaining weight loss, I felt it was important to share my wisdom.

10 Facts About Dr. Mahnaz Azim DC

My approach to living your best life and having your ideal weight is creating a lifestyle that you can enjoy each day. It is important to understand the mind body connection with the foods and habits that you have each day. You need to focus on continuity and know that weight loss and maintenance is not a quick fix - it is a lifestyle.

If you commit to the ideal weights protocols, you will have extra energy and maintain the life you want. I practice everything I teach and have maintained my ideal weight and lifestyle since 2015.


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