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What Inspired Ideal Weights?

After years of applying my education and knowledge to my clients, I saw fluctuating dietary patterns differed from client to client based on age, weight, height, and other factors. Because personal factors differ, it became increasingly difficult to find a single solution for all of my clients, but even more challenging was the maintenance of such weight loss. There wasn’t one ideal outcome or weight range, there were many.

This experience led me to investigate the importance of Ideal Weights as a holistic program. In the book, you will find surefire methods that – if followed and maintained – can lead to lasting success in weight loss.

Ideal Weights - Attaining your ideal while achieving lasting success even post menopause

I began using the techniques that I lay out in the book in 2015. After just one month I saw major improvements in my own health. Over the years I have been able to maintain my Ideal Weight.

In my chiropractic practice I noticed many patients in pain, caught in crash diet roller coasters, engaging in constant self-criticism, or stalled on goals. I soon realized that my overweight and obese patients with lower back and knee pain felt a lot better after losing as little as 5-10 pounds.

Observing such progress inspired me to dig into nutrition and the modalities that could support them even better. I became a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a certified Health and Nutrition Coach, a Personal Trainer, a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Weight Loss Specialist. I am also a certified Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapist – I want to help women in transition!

After doing a few years of research I changed up my diet and became an ovo-vegan in 2018. I began teaching the concepts of ovo-veganism and the Ideal Weights techniques to my patients and clients around the same time and started seeing improvements quickly.

Book Ideal Weights by Dr. Mahnaz Azim, DC

"If you are serious about nutrition and taking care of your “insides”, I know a coach. I met Dr. Azim a few years ago while struggling with weight gain. She counseled me and directed me to some supplements that healed  my chemical make up on the inside."

Beverly Maloney 

When I see positive changes in a patient’s blood tests that then cause their doctors to take them off medications, I’m having a good day. There is nothing better than watching clients close in on an ideal weight. But also, I help them feel better, reverse type 2 diabetes or fatty liver disease, lower blood sugar or blood pressure or their LDL (bad cholesterol). Not only have I seen the wonderfully vital lifestyle affect others, but this path has also made me stronger, more fit, and – best of all – happier, so I can better serve you.

I truly love sharing my insights that arise from my personal and my patients’ results. When using the Ideal Weights approach properly, you may achieve positive changes and sustain said changes under your own terms.

Ideal Weights - Attaining your ideal while achieving lasting success even post menopause

During my time working with clients I discovered there were 4 main areas that they struggled the most.

First was having a true understanding of food. The fast-paced world we live in has led people to often reach for quick unhealthy packaged food. I noticed many of my clients didn’t have a healthy relationship with food.

The second major struggle is beating cravings. Many of the packaged foods are loaded with foods that contain addictive materials such as gluten and sugar. Throughout the book we explore what causes the food addiction and what foods can help curb your cravings.

A third struggle was being able to form a good exercise habit. If you are planning on losing weight only from exercise you will have to exercise vigorously daily. I train my clients that easy exercises and creating a good eating habit are a better course of action. Exercise and physical activity are great ways to feel better overall, boost your immune system, and have fun! Even small amounts of physical activity are helpful and accumulated activity throughout the day will add up to provide health benefits.

Lastly, stress! Stress is a major contributor to many bad habits. You can reverse bad habits by planning ahead to avoid rushed feelings. Create an exercise routine, even small amounts of movement can boost your mood. Practice gratitude, a little can build positivity and go a long way. Keep in mind that life is a journey, not a destination.

I wrote this book and have dedicated my coaching to helping you create realistic goals for healthy living with lasting results. My goal has always been to teach you to live a better lifestyle and guide you in the right direction on choosing healthier, more natural foods. I am here for you!


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