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Optimal Health Made Easy

The phrase optimal health can feel overwhelming. Being healthy is not meant to be complicated or difficult. Let’s explore health and how to make it easy.

Optimal Health Made Easy

What is optimal health?

Optimal means “best or most favorable.” As I began my work, I always found the word ideal to be more appealing which is why I developed Ideal Weights. Ideal means “most suitable” or “satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect.” So, no matter what word you use it is about finding a weight and lifestyle that works for you.

Your optimal or ideal health is going to be a lifestyle that encompasses your mind, body, and spiritual health throughout your life.

To Maximize Health

All humans need basic raw materials to help your body to function and/or heal. The main raw materials are:







Healthy fats

Taking a walk outside daily, ensuring that you drink water, and eat a clean diet that is based on whole foods will provide you with these raw materials.

Optimal Health Made Easy

Every day science is finding more benefits for sleeping well. Menopause can affect your sleep as we explored in this article. It is important to take steps to ensure that you are allowing your body time to rest.

I work with clients each day to ensure that we are focusing on the raw materials that will support their overall wellness.

21-Day Program - Path to Achieving Your Ideal Life

To Minimize Negative Health

This step may not be easy for you to accomplish alone, but it can be done. Take time to journal on the things that happen around you daily. Things that you will want to take notice of include:

  • What types of toxins am I exposed to daily?

  • Do I have unresolved health issues that may be causing inflammation or other issues?

  • What allergens may be in my environment?

  • What are the daily stressors affecting me?

  • Are there unresolved traumas that could be preventing me from moving forward?

When people are struggling with weight loss or other health issues there can be limiting beliefs, fear or negative expectations that are holding them back from moving forward. It is important to take note of these things so that you can release them and move forward.

Many of my clients are surprised to find some of the every day items they use contain many toxins, make sure you check you ingredient labels.

Optimal Health Made Easy

Prioritize Your Health

Society has often had a negative view of selfcare, but prioritizing your health and wellness is the most important thing you can do. When you are healthy and well you can be the best person for yourself and those around you. Make sure you take the time to prioritize:




Stress reduction

Clean Eating

When you focus on setting positive expectations and associations you will have meaningful relationships and joy every day.

When our body is given the support it will heal itself, the body naturally seeks wellness!


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