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10 Ways to Increase Activity Daily

Exercise and physical activity are great ways to feel better overall. Moving your body will boost your immune system. Even small amounts of physical activity are helpful and accumulated activity throughout the day will add up to provide health benefits.

10 Ways to Increase Activity Daily

Make a commitment to yourself to be active. If you must, write it down or log it in your calendar. Create a routine that is enjoyable and fits into your life.

Find an activity to do with friends. Having a loved one, friend or partner to be active which creates accountability and helps you stay committed. Make sure it is someone that will provide encouragement which will increase the likelihood of maintaining your routine. This may provide you an opportunity to make new connections through a class or group activity in your community.

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Consider adding one or more of the following things to your calendar:

  • Walking – small walks, parking farther away during shopping, or even hiking are good options.

  • Support a neighbor – offer to run errands or walk a pet, anything that requires you to move.

  • Gardening – create a flower garden to provide beauty or grow your own food.

  • Cleaning – schedule to do a deep clean of one thing, your car for example.

  • Sign up for a class – this could be something online that you add to your daily/weekly schedule.

  • Create an exercise routine for at home, (use the examples on page 80-81 of Ideal Weights).

  • Join a community group – do you want to learn to paint, sing, or write?

  • Volunteer locally – Help clean a park, along a river, or something similar.

  • Dance, when you wake up in the morning dance around your bedroom.

  • Join a sports club like bowling, tennis, or golf.

10 Ways to Increase Activity Daily

There are many benefits to incorporating activity in your daily life. You will benefit physically, emotionally, and cognitively when you remain active. One aspect that is important especially as we age, we can retain control of how we live.

Exercise does not have to be an all or nothing prospect any sort of movement is beneficial.

Most movement will release endorphins, also loosely referred to as “happy hormones.”

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Take some time to reward yourself. Any positive changes you make it is important to recognize that. Some ideas of rewards include:

  • Read a book you enjoy

  • Buy yourself some new music

  • Create a spa day at home

  • Take a guilt free day off

  • Wear that favorite outfit even if it is for a special occasion.

When you start noticing the small improvements in your health you will be motivated to keep it up. If you commit to making small lifestyle changes you will be well on your way to living your ideal life.


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