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Plant Based Food Trend for 2022

Plant based eating has been part of my lifestyle since 2015, and it has been catching on in mainstream. Eating a plant-based diet and being more mindful about our food seems to be a hot trend for 2022.

Plant Based Food Trend for 2022

Throughout 2021 we dealt with a lot of uncertainty including supply chain issues with our food. Due to this more people seemed to turn to farmers markets or trying to find more local sources.

We are also realizing that eating a plant-based diet makes us feel healthier. For some a plant-based diet has also represented being kinder to animals and the planet as well.

This transition away from animal-based products is making it easier to find plant-based alternatives on the market. Below are some ideas on plants to start incorporating into your diet this year.

Plant Based Food Trend for 2022


Mushrooms have become popular as a transition food. They have a meat like texture and taste. A popular alternative for a burger is grilled Portobello mushroom which can be spiced up as a flavorful treat.

Plant Based Food Trend for 2022

Immunity boosting foods

Supporting our immune system is the foundation of health. Think of your immune system as an army of cells that defend your body from invaders of any kind, including food, parasites, toxins, bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Your immune system should be able to turn off and on when it is needed and not always operate at the same intensity. To provide your immune system support eat these foods:

  • Berries – blueberries, raspberries, goji berries

  • Nuts – Brazil nuts, almonds

  • Spices - cayenne pepper, cilantro, ginger, cinnamon

  • Cruciferous vegetables – Brussels sprouts, cauliflower

Plant Based Food Trend for 2022

Alcohol-free cocktails

A trend that is growing in popularity is alcohol-free cocktails which is great for supporting our health because alcohol can put undo stress on our system. There are many options constantly being introduced on the market that have a similar complex taste to a classic cocktail.

Simplified Options

Another impact of the supply chain issues experienced in 2021 is simplification. Some of this may be because your favorite restaurant closed or isn’t open as many hours, so you had to simplify plans. Cooking options also have changed with us looking for more streamlined recipes. Looking for options that were simple to make yet had great flavor. This is an exciting time to reacquaint yourself with the spice rack. Sample ingredients like basil, ginger, or cilantro or add a splash of citrus to a dish.

21-Day Program - Path to Achieving your ideal life

Embrace the plant-based options that are showing up in your area. Adjusting to a healthy diet will have you feeling great. You will move throughout your day with more joy and ease. When you feel great you will create supportive and nurturing relationships in your career and with your family living your ideal life.


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