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 Attaining Your Ideal While   Achieving Lasting Success 
 – Even Post Menopause 
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 Easy to Implement Tips For Weight Loss  

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Like you I was frustrated with weight gain as I was getting older. No matter what I did I couldn't achieve my ideal weight
as I hit menopause. 

As we age our hormones shift causing our body to handle food differently. For women weight gain is a major issue during menopause which leads to many other symptoms. During my journey I had a vision of my ideal weight. I tried everything to reach this even getting a tummy tuck... but I knew I had to change how I was approaching this or else I was going to suffer financial hardship and do some self-harm.


Let me help you avoid all the costly mistakes I made. Through my book and wellness programs we can design a lifestyle that will help you maintain your ideal weight.

 How to Get Started 
Step 1
 Download the Free Guide – Easy to Implement Tips for Weight Loss.
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Step 2
Pick up a copy of the Ideal Weights book to gain a deeper understanding of your body and a clean eating lifestyle.
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Step 3
Join the 21-Day Program – Path to Achieving Your Ideal Life.
This program will guide you on a journey to achieve your ideal weight and lifestyle goals.
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Welcome to Your Wellness Steps for Attaining Your Ideal Weight

What is Ideal Weight?

Ideal weight is any weight at which one feels the healthiest (while maintaining the state safely and sustainably).


There is a range of weight that is ideal. Throughout this site I will guide you how to reach your goal, sustain it and even improve upon it especially through the hormonal shifts of menopause.


Obtaining your ideal weight can be determined in two ways. The first way is technical using a scale. The second way is intuitive, follow your intuition and maintain a proportion that is comfortable for you. Focusing on your overall wellness is more important than a number on a scale.

Healthy Green Smoothies

 Ideal Weights Book 


 Ideal Weights Programs 

Herbal Medicine

 Clean Supplements 

 Success Stories 

Ideal Weights Health Coaching

Beverly Maloney 

"If you are serious about nutrition and taking care of your “insides”, I know a coach. I met Dr. Azim a few years ago while struggling with weight gain. She counseled me and directed me to some supplements that healed  my chemical make up on the inside."

Ideal Weights Health Coaching

N. Kian

"Losing weight after 40 is very hard. I tried many different diet programs to lose weight. That never happened. When I heard about Dr. Azim’s new DIET program, I decided to give it a shot. Dr. Azim totally changed my life with her diet plan which was combination of healthy foods, snacks and supplements. She opened up my mind and my eyes! She taught me what to eat when to eat and how much to eat."

Ideal Weights Health Coaching

Luz Martinez

"Food to me was a coping mechanism to who I ran to when I was sad, worried or even happy. I believe People are put in your path for a reason and Dr. Azim was put in mine to help me open my eyes to healthier options. She shared her knowledge with me. I learned the real purpose of food, the power I have to control my appetite through intermittent fasting and the many things I can accomplish by simply taking responsibility for my health."

Ideal Weights Health Coaching

Arline Erickson

"I worked with Dr. Azim for about a year. She's a very caring and compassionate woman. I've continued some of the practices she taught me including my morning protein shake. I enjoyed our time together."

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